IABM’s prolific business intel unit has identified an accelerated rush to the cloud, triggered by the pandemic.

IBC2019 Lorenzo Zanni

Zanni: “a clear indication of the unstoppable move to cloud across every segment”

An IABM trends report on Cloud Adoption identifies a year-on-year growth of 6% in company cloud transitions, with 45% of respondents indicating acceleration across all segments of the IABM BaM Content Chain.

Suggesting that it is the manage and publish segments of that chain leading the way, Lorenzo Zanni, head of insight and analysis, IABM, said: “The report is built on feedback from end-user broadcast and media companies, and gives a clear indication of the unstoppable move to cloud across every segment.

“This shift has been accelerated by the pandemic, and cloud has moved from being seen as ‘too risky’ by some organisations to becoming the natural way to mitigate the effects of mandatory remote working,” he added. “I do not expect a return to old ways in the future, as these companies are beginning to reap the long-term benefits that the cloud can bring.”

The headline advantage is realising widespread savings right along the BaM Content Chain, but the top of five highlights says that those involved in Create and Produce processes will enjoy improved collaboration and decreased times to market.

Subscription and OPEX thinking resides in the pay-as-you-go advantage, which allows payment flexibility and better collaboration for the Manage segment. Hybrid cloud models come into play for transferring large video files. The other big trends are a jump in the deployment of AI, and the shift from IaaS to CaaS, as the use of containers and micro services booms.

The full report, sponsored by Net Insight, is available to IABM member companies.

Per Lindgren, CTO of Net Insight, said: “The Covid-19 crisis has reshaped the media ecosystem. We have seen numerous companies ramping up to the cloud to gain more autonomy and elasticity, while optimising their costs.

“In this context, open, interoperable and secure cloud and IP solutions are needed and are helping media companies to create profound and durable changes in the way that they produce and distribute content,” he added.

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