The widely welcomed advancements behind Continuous Loudness Control (CLC) are behind a new cooperation deal between IRT and German vendor DSPECIALISTS.

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DSPECIALISTS: Has implemented CLC for loudness control in Harvey, a freely programmable audio DSP

The Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT), which has represented public broadcasters in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as a R&D body for 60 years, developed and patented CLC so that those irritating loudness jumps in TV content are negated, and intelligibility is bettered.

DSPECIALISTS is known for its 5.1 up-mixer Isostem, and will implement CLC in its audio DSP Harvey system.

Explaining the logic behind the partnership, Sebastian Goossens, IRT’s division manager for AV technologies said: “With the international standards ITU-R BS.1770 and EBU R 128, loudness control has started its triumphal success in broadcasting.

“IRT has been intensively engaged in the development of solutions for user-friendly and reliable loudness adjustment, and we developed CLC for the automated real-time adjustment of loudness and loudness range in accordance with the EBU’s R 128 specification,” he added.

Speaking for DSPECIALISTS, MD Dr Jochen Cronemeyer said: “We are convinced of the high quality of IRT’s CLC algorithm, and see great potential in marketing the CLC software in a standalone device. To this end we have ported the algorithm to our proven hardware platform Harvey.”

In its first step armed with CLC, this studio system will enable the processing of stereo signals. An extension to the 5.1 format will follow.

In end-user language, CLC allows you to continuously adjust audio material to a pre-defined target value and a definable loudness range, with the least possible artefacts, all in real time.