Kymeta Corporation has selected Capanet Communication’s network operations management software to optimise its global satellite network. 

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Capanet: Kymeta will utilise the Capanet Ops Suite platform under a multi-year deal

Kymeta will utilise the Capanet Ops Suite platform under a multi-year deal to provide critical insights into its network performance.

The cloud-based software solution integrates with the Kymeta network to provide a holistic view of network utilisation, distribution and remote usage. A robust network analysis engine and reporting framework provides the network operation team with real-time information to make data-driven decisions on network provisioning and configuration.

Kymeta’s communications solutions are built specifically for mobility and designed to meet the needs of global defence, government, public safety and commercial customers. In addition to delivering the world’s only commercially available, electronically steered, flat panel antenna with no moving parts, the Kymeta u8, the company also offers Kymeta Broadband, a global satellite network tailored to extremely small aperture antennas. The integration of Capanet’s Ops Suite will enable optimal efficiency in operating the network, maximising available bandwidth and ensuring Kymeta customers experience best-in-class quality of service.

“We are excited to add the Capanet Ops Suite to our platform of network monitoring and customer support tools,” said Victor Jimenez, director of network operations at Kymeta. “The level of visibility into network performance and utilisation the Ops Suite provides will help us to optimise network engineering and spending, forecast future capacity needs and ensure top quality of service availability for Kymeta Broadband customers.”