Italy’s distance-learning university, Consorzio Nettuno, has recently completed an upgrade to its long-established Etere infrastructure that includes a move from its traditional tape delivery to a file-based system. 

Etere-2 Media Asset Management

Remote: Multiple users can access the system simultaneously from any web browser

The latest improvements include the addition of the latest versions of multiple Etere components. In addition, all of the university’s servers are now on a virtual machine that is mirrored for redundancy.

As one of the most established remote universities in the world, Consorzio Nettuno offers more than 27 degree courses, and expansion of media assets necessitated a more efficient system. The school is using Etere’s Ingest component to manage manual, scheduled and automatic ingest from all video sources including tape. Etere Basic MAM is now orchestrating the end-to-end workflow of ingesting, indexing, storing and retrieval of digital assets.

Etere said that as part of the MAM, T-Workflow taps on the SQL database to manage the flow of information across the broadcasting process, so operators can configure broadcast management rules to connect workflow modules and perform workflow actions such as quality checks, media transfers and media transcoding automatically. They can also preview assets and all related secondary events including subtitles and logos, via Etere Proxy Browsing. The Etere Data Mover performs file transfers from one level to another based on fully customisable workflow rules, and the Transcoder component provides automatic encoding and decoding between different media formats, bit-rates and video resolutions.