Nepali data centre and cloud service provider Datahub has chosen to build its new content delivery network (CDN) service with Varnish Enterprise technology.


Löfling: ‘Varnish’s custom PoP placement makes total sense for Datahub’

Using Varnish Private CDN, Datahub has launched a local CDN that serves the needs of consumers and service providers in Nepal, bringing much-needed capacity to a region currently under-served by global CDNs.

Datahub’s new CDN service offers regional OTT providers and network operators a platform for low-latency video delivery, buffer-free streaming experiences and the bandwidth to support high traffic, all at low cost.

Datahub was able to leverage Varnish Private CDN’s pre-built and pre-optimised caching components to build its CDN to exact specifications, choosing where to place points-of-presence (PoPs) to best serve Nepalese consumers. Varnish edge-caching components enable high performance even during times of high demand, while protecting the backend servers of the content providers from the effects of that demand.

Peter Löfling, Varnish Software’s APAC GM, said: “We’re delighted that Datahub is using Varnish Enterprise Private CDN to bring new CDN capacity and exciting new networking services to Nepal. Being able to set up PoPs wherever you need them is key for delivering high-quality video services to places like Nepal that aren’t adequately served by expensive global CDN operators. Varnish’s custom PoP placement makes total sense for Datahub, who are focused on serving their region, and we’re excited to continue working with them as they build out their CDN offering.”

Deepak Shrestha, founder member and managing director of DataHub, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with Varnish to offer high-performance CDN services to content providers in Nepal and offer improved streaming services to the region. Bringing CDN operations in-house, running on hardware and in locations dedicated to the Nepalese market, allows us to offer a service at much reduced cost, while offering better quality video and web experiences.”