Etere has launched its Shopping Cart business intelligence software, which allows a broadcaster to plan task distribution across its team. 

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Box clever: Etere Shopping Cart allows a user to create tickets for automated workflow tasks from a web interface

The Italian vendor says the product reduces OPEX, optimises resources from a web interface and is integrated with Etere database.

With Etere Shopping Cart a user can configure service requests for workflow tasks, assign resources and essentially place an ‘order’ for what needs to be done. With a simple log in, you can manage your operations on any internet browser. Etere says a logged-in operator has full visibility and control of media operations including resource configuration and data mover workflows.

Additionally, it is integrated with the Reports feature on EtereWeb to provide business intelligence insights. Here it’s designed to simplify complex processes and better manage batch requests and recurring bookings. Once a ticket has been submitted, it is automatically assigned a ticket number which you can use to track its progress.