GatesAir has announced a strategic DVB-T2 TV transmission win in Vietnam in co-operation with channel partner Emico.


GatesAir: The transmitters will deliver digital TV to previously underserved regions

VTV (Vietnam Television), Vietnam’s national state television broadcaster, recently completed a national DVB-T2 network expansion to four new transmission sites located in various northern regions of the country.

Emico installed and commissioned Maxiva ULXT liquid-cooled UHF TV transmitters (2.4KW of digital power). The solid-state Maxiva transmitters will deliver nine VTV programmes and one local programme, providing clear digital TV service to previously underserved regions.

GatesAir won the contract due to familiarity and system reliability, as well as the long-term business relationship between GatesAir and Emico. Technical evaluations from both organisations confirmed that Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitters will improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs across the network.

VTV first installed Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitters for analogue TV in 2009 and have more recently installed liquid-cooled transmitters for digital TV. All Maxiva transmitters in the network will share the same hot-swappable power supplies and amplifier modules, minimising labour and repairs while maximising operational efficiency.