Orange Slovensko has adopted the Appear TV X Platform to increase network capacity and functionality.

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Appear TV: The X Platform will deliver enhanced bandwidth, geo-redundant peering and superior redundancy

Partnering with Sunteq for local integration and delivery, Orange sought to improve its multicast interconnection with enhanced bandwidth, geo-redundant peering and superior redundancy. At the same time, Orange wanted to improve customer experience by offering compression of UHD services in HEVC.

Juraj Sramek, CEO of Sunteq, said: “Utilising the flexibility and customisation available to us in the X Platform, we were able to design a solution meeting or exceeding the customers requirement in all areas. Our partnership with Appear TV allows us to offer our customers an easy transition to the next generation of services.”

Naser Nazar Haify, international account manager at Appear TV, said: “By offering fully redundant high capacity interfaces combined with top of class compression quality, the solution is truly versatile in its adaptability to Orange’s requirements. We are pleased to extend our relationship with Orange Slovensko and look forward to working with them on other exciting projects such as esports.”

Martin Lednar, service platforms and products manager, Orange Slovensko, said: “Appear has provided us with a solution delivering operational simplicity in response to our complex requirements, in combination with local expertise and support. The purpose-built X Platform solution supports all of our desired features and redundancy, whilst providing a platform that grows and adapts to our needs.”

The software-defined hardware allows Orange to run multiple features on identical hardware modules. All modules, power supplies and fans are hot-swappable.