The new PLALH2150 series from Peak Communications builds upon the existing range of Peak indoor and outdoor line amplifiers to provide solutions for overcoming the losses associated with cross-site installations.


Peak: The new PLALH2150 series includes user variable gain and slope controls

The range includes user variable gain and slope controls for optimisation of the RF chain performance and providing flexibility during commissioning.

Specific versions are available for both transmit and receive systems, optimising either critical RF output levels or noise figure, as appropriate.

The PLALH2150 series offers Ethernet-based remote control as standard with embedded web server and support for SNMP, allowing comprehensive remote monitoring and control. It is also available with a plug-in handheld local control module, providing site engineers with a convenient method to optimise performance at the antenna/hub during commissioning and maintenance.

Powered either via the IFL or a separate DC connection, the units are said to be constructed using high-grade components to give the ultimate gain flatness and stability performance. They are offered in a fully weatherproof sealed chassis designed for mounting in outdoor, exposed locations.

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