Oceans is Pebble Beach System’s new service-oriented technology platform, and in keeping with the theme, the company is claiming it is the “next wave” of media orchestration.

Pebble-2 OceansScreenshot[2][1]

Flexible: Any cloud or on-prem environment is supported

Built for cloud, but equally suitable on-prem, Pebble claims that Oceans will enable broadcasters to deploy, manage, host and upgrade their broadcast workflows and services from a single intuitive unified interface, now and in the IP future. It is designed to handle complex broadcast workflows simply, with common core services across multiple functional applications to provide enhanced visibility and control of playout infrastructure. It is scalable and it allows broadcasters to write and integrate their own functionality using open and secure APIs.

Daniel Robinson, head of R&D at Pebble Beach Systems, says that the platform’s ‘virtual’ container-based platform management ensures that users are running the most efficient solution for the scale of their operation, delivering optimum provisioning, management and usage of available resources. According to Robinson, the four key principles of Oceans are “helping media companies transition to IP-based technologies, including the cloud; bringing existing Pebble customers along the transition; offering agile and reactive technology; and the ability to easily support new technologies at all scales”.

“Interoperability is in our DNA,” added Robinson. “Creating Oceans from the ground up, we took a rigorous approach to security, authentication, and resilience, building the platform the industry needs with the right building blocks for more functional services to further enhance our automation offerings.”