Viaccess-Orca has announced that its secure video player, validated by studios for multi-device content protection, supports the delivery of VR and 8K video over 5G networks. 


Lasry: ‘VR is a chance for service providers to raise the bar on innovation’

The player is said to offer seamless integration with third-party systems to enable flawless 360° video experiences, from the point of capture to distribution. It has been deployed by PCCW Media, a multimedia and entertainment company headquartered in Hong Kong, for its new VR content.

Philippe Lasry, EVP solutions marketing, at Viaccess-Orca, said: “Consumers today demand creative and immersive television experiences; VR is a chance for service providers to raise the bar on innovation. Until now the industry lacked a player capable of delivering extraordinary video resolution and content protection. VO is leading the VR transformation and enabling service providers to explore the opportunities of 5G networks by establishing the pillars needed to deliver video streaming services in a whole new dimension.”

Belinda Chan, head of technology, PCCW Media, said: “VO’s secure video player is a critical component in enabling our new immersive VR experiences, ensuring robust content protection.”

VO’s Secure Player supports HLS, MSS, DASH, and CMAF formats to ensure a superior quality of experience for VR viewers. Providing integration with major DRMs including Microsoft PlayReady, VO’s proprietary DRM, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay, VO says that the secure video player ensures compliance with content owners’ security requirements.

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