This document describes the different RAID levels and the characteristics used by each mode to optimize speed, security or storage capacity.


4K, 8K, VR and AR. The global datasphere will skyrocket in size. What are the implications for your businesses? How will you store your precious content?

As specialists in data storage, LaCie recognizes that almost all organizations use and store data in different ways. Depending on their requirements, some may prioritize performance and capacity, whereas others may be more interested in security and speed.

In order to meet the storage needs of a wide range of users, LaCie’s professional storage devices utilize RAID technology. RAID (Redundant Array of Independents Disks) allows you to choose the best way to use your device to your needs.

RAID technology either divides or duplicates the task of one hard disk between many (or as few as two) disks to either improve performance or create data redundancy in case of a drive failure.

Stijn Swinnen, Sales Benelux, LaCie