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  • Barbara Lange SMPTE 3x2
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    Interview: Barbara Lange, SMPTE


    The industry is going through a transformation, and so is SMPTE. A year into the 100+ year old Society’s major project, executive director Barbara Lange sits down with James Pearce to discuss its plans.

  • The-War-of-the-Worlds_final_16549046_16549036
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    Behind the scenes: War of the Worlds


    The War of the Worlds started on the radio, but the sound is just as important in the latest small screen turn of the HG Wells classic. Adrian Pennington goes behind the scenes of the audio behind the BBC’s new TV adaptation.

  • Main production gallery of tpc UHD1 HDR OB truck fitted out with Imagine Communications IP solutions (interior)
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    4K UHD: choice and complexity concerns still shaping global adoption


    Multiple HDR formats and concerns about production complexity mean that UHD is still some way off from becoming a default choice, writes David Davies.

  • The Simpsons - lead pic
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    Disney bets big on the streaming revolution


    The culmination of years of planning and billions of dollars of investment, Disney+ represents a major pivot by the Walt Disney Company towards the direct-to-consumer, OTT market. Can the House of Mouse pull it off? 

  • Jim Helman_D1_2101
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    MovieLabs looks to be the industry’s North Star


    In August MovieLabs – made up of five of the biggest Hollywood studios - launched its 10-year vision for the industry. James Pearce spoke with the organisation’s leaders at SMPTE2019 in Los Angeles. 

  • The Irishman 3x2
    Industry Trends

    VFX: De-aging tech


    The current crop of films featuring digitally de-aged characters has brought new life to older actors, and now a pioneering example of age regression for a TV series shows just how much the technology is evolving.

  • Counter Strike esports St Petersburg 2017 credit Roman Kosolapov Shutterstock
    Industry Trends

    Esports: Overcoming the pitfalls of production


    From measuring audience metrics to platform and tournament sponsorship, monetising esports is not without its challenges. IBC365 speaks with industry experts on tactics for broadcasters to deliver live esports production.

  • Diego Maradona official poster
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    Behind the scenes: Diego Maradona


    Editor Chris King and director Asif Kapadia tackle Argentina’s footballing enigma, Diego Maradona, in this documentary which comes to DVD this month

  • user interface voice
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    Personalising UI with ML and voice


    In these technical papers, authors from 3 Screen Solutions, Ruwido and TiVo describe real-word applications of machine learning to customise UI, and improve voice control to enhance personalisation for user experiences.

  • His Dark Materials (BBC)
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    Behind the scenes: His Dark Materials


    Any adaptation of Philip Pullman’s multi-layered fantasy His Dark Materials must decide how to represent the cast of animalistic ‘daemons’ which feature constantly throughout the story. Adrian Pennington spoke with key members of the VFX team to find out how. 

  • radio recording studio
    Industry Trends

    Video did not kill the radio


    As the broadcast and media industry evolves digitally and technically, so too does radio. Explore how in technical papers from IRT, Jutel Oy, Rai Italy, VRT and the BBC. 

  • Apple The Morning Show Premiere Jennifer Aniston-Tim-Cook-Reese-Whiterspoon_102819
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    Apple bites into the streaming market


    In the first of series of reports on the new players launching into the streaming market, Tim Dams looks at the Apple TV+ offer – and weighs up its chances of success.

  • Internet of things
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    The internet of things: The start of a slow revolution


    Broadcasters and other content creators will have much more consumer data to draw on as a result of the internet of things. But how to negotiate the new security challenges and avoid the danger of ‘digital fatigue’?

  • video and audio mixer for broadcast studio
    Industry Trends

    Vision mixers: Switching it up


    The art of production mixing may not have changed profoundly in recent years, but the call to deliver to extra platforms and satisfy more streamlined productions are among the trends heralding fresh challenges for system developers.

  • woman in production
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    Why productions should focus on security


    SMPTE 2019: Security is a key concern for the media industry, but security needs to be integrated into production cycles from the start, according to HBO’s Marc Zorn.

  • esports-gamers 3x2
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    Esports amalgamation and addressability for advertisers


    The business of esports is attracting record-breaking audiences as quickly as it is gaining interest from advertisers, however, the measurement of ad success and audience engagement is as complicated as it is dense with competition.

  • Jahresbericht 2018
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    5G Today: Bavaria’s broadcast trials


    5G offers great potential for media distribution of media content, with millions of smartphones and tablets as potential TV receivers for live and catch up services. That’s the view of the 5G Today group, which is conducting broadcast trials in Bavaria.

  • OFFICIAL SECRETS bts with Florian Hoffmeister BSC
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    Behind the scenes: Official Secrets


    Telling the story with lighting, Official Secrets cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister BSC speaks to Alana Foster on how he worked with director Gavin Hood to depict the story of one woman’s moral conundrum.

  • F1 (BAKOUNINE shutterstock)
    Industry Trends

    Addressable advertising: Who’s doing what, and why


    Addressable advertising is attracting new businesses of all sizes to the TV space and enabling the likes of Sky and RTL to compete with digital giants. But in the battle to secure a healthy share of digital ad revenues, rival players must partner up, while some regions face legal and ...

  • woman watching tv
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    Ad management: Broadcast stability versus online chaos


    Workflows for TV ads are a model of consistency compared to the wild west of digital, and the approach of traditional TV has a lot to teach the ‘new media’ of online video.