The technology landscape is constantly evolving, introducing new products, defining smarter production processes and offering fresh approaches to traditional ideas.

As the IBC2023 panel ‘Plotting the Effects of Disruption’ suggests, the broadcast, entertainment and media industries have never been so exciting, increasingly transformed and redefined by new technologies like the five we’ve listed below. It’s a list that obviously starts with… 

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are already deeply embedded in a host of modern media production scenarios and we’ve covered some of them below: 

Today, AI algorithms and machine learning are already helping to suggest and create new content from archive resources, auto-check technical video standards, provide auto-dubbing and auto colour grading functionality, optimise ad placement and create searchable metadata (through image and speech recognition). The BBFC is even exploring AI for content classification

At IBC2023, you can join Phil Wiser, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Technology Officer, ViacomCBS*, to hear how companies are building new technology platforms and leaning into machine learning and AI to personalise and surface the right content to the right user at the right time. Register for a Delegate Pass.

2. IP and Cloud

The cloud has become an essential part of the broadcast move to IP, taking on duties from delivery to discovery, storage to service management. The technology has been making headlines all year on IBC365.

But as we posed in another one of our articles earlier this year: If cloud Is the answer, what is the question? For example, there are benefits and challenges to cloud playout. There isn’t a clear winner between on-prem and cloud storage, necessitating a hybrid approach. For all the problems cloud solves, it creates several new ones.


AI is a hot topic for 2023 and will be a core focus at IBC2023

There’s lots of room for experimentation. In the Connect & Produce Anywhere Accelerator project at IBC2023, for example, the aim is to build a distributed edge & cloud computing system to produce a live sports event. It’s an endeavour that brings together DAZN, Sky Sports, BT Media & Broadcast, Microsoft and Vodafone Group with LAMA, VizRT, Open Broadcast Systems, Zixi, InSync, Limitless, Find out more about this project here.

3. Streaming, OTT and FAST

Streaming has enjoyed explosive growth. According to Richard Jakemen, Samsung’s European Head of Smart TV, Mobile and Gaming Business Development, there are “an ever-increasing number of main broadcasters wanting to be a part of FAST… There is an evolution, and it is moving quite quickly.”

At IBC2023, FAST will be discussed by Valerio Motti, VP FAST Channels, Fremantle* in the panel ‘Thriving in the FAST Lane: Monetisation for the future of FAST’. This aims to look at the rise of FAST channels over the last 12 months and to explore the best strategies for monetisation that will help to deliver long-lasting success. Find out more here.

4. Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

Due to its ability to deliver targeted, relevant, and flexible advertising across multiple channels, dynamic ad insertion is another of this year’s hot topics. By tailoring advertisements to individual viewers and leveraging real-time data, media companies and advertisers can not only optimise monetisation strategies, but drive greater engagement, and ultimately enhance the viewing experience for audiences. See below for more information.

Join our panel of experts at IBC2023 for an engaging panel discussion on ad tech innovation and the adoption of a more interactive strategy.

Addressable ads

What’s the future for addressable advertising? Find out at IBC2023.

Get exclusive insights into the latest advancements in clickable ads and discover how users can seamlessly experience pop-up ads on their screens and make purchases without the hassle of switching to a laptop, tablet, or phone. Find out more here.

5. VFX and virtual production

Once the preserve of the Hollywood blockbuster, improvements in technology and plummeting costs have created a burgeoning market for virtual production studios. From The Mandalorian’s ‘Volume’ to Warner Bros. Discovery’s ‘The Cube’, companies continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in real-time, photo-realistic virtual set rendering.

Seeing is believing. So, don’t miss the IBC2023 panel featuring Natalya Tatarchuk, Distinguished Technical Fellow and Chief Architect at Wētā Tools, Unity. Learn about the groundbreaking character, environment, and rendering pipelines Tatarchuk has used and see how the technology has powered acclaimed films like Avatar: The Way Of Water and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It’s part of a packed IBC2023 Conference programme

And there’s so much more…

From Augmented Reality to UHD, 5G to esports, you’ll find all of the latest technology and the biggest innovators at IBC2023. Running from 15-18 September 2023, the show fills 13 halls at the RAI Amsterdam, hosting over 1,000 exhibitors and attracting over 40,000+ visitors from over 170 countries. 

To learn how these technologies will impact the future of broadcast, media and entertainment, get up close at IBC2023. Register for your pass today.

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