• Next week on IBC Digital: Accelerators and Content Supply Chain

  • IBC Digital: What’s on in January

  • Heading to the cloud in 2022

  • Metadata management evermore critical as broadcasters optimise content’s complete lifecycle

  • IBC Digital to host keynotes from Netflix, Discovery, Starz, HBO Max and OBS execs

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  • UK government freezes BBC licence fee, plans review of funding model

  • Netflix’s Tauzia on the importance of partnerships

  • Presentations and papers: All of this year’s Technical Papers

  • IBC Digital: Industry-leading interviews on-demand

  • Disney to raise content spend to $33 billion

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  • Arm on how Future Market and Technology Trends will define the Home Device Market

  • Netflix’s Schleich elected to serve as SMPTE standards VP

  • Starz’s Kalle on creating a “beautiful complement” to broad appeal streamers

  • Jack Dorsey steps down from Twitter

  • IPTV to overtake cable within five years

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