Big data has become mainstream with the recent evolution of cloud infrastructures, data gathering and intelligence algorithms.

Recently, TV Globo, the largest free-to-air broadcaster in Brazil, has implemented a multi-tenant big data project involving several fields of expertise, including data journalism, enhanced business analytics and video recommendation. The underlying technological architecture was built on top of several big data cloud services and based upon open-source big data frameworks.

This allowed us to focus more attention on applications and less on infrastructure administration. The use of structured and un-structured data brings a lot of complexity but also achieves great results in terms of: efficiency for producing news stories, more complex analysis of key performance indicators for digital products (including multi-platform TV) and greater engagement in our video products, measured by social activity and conversation around our brand and programmes.


For a long time, research and analytics to support the broadcast TV business has relied upon research institutes using viewer panels to determine what customers want. Big data tools allow us to change perspective: to observe how viewers behave and to infer what they want, without having the expenditure of asking them. 

The advance of software virtualisation, which allows the extraction, storage, processing and analysis of diverse data, in real-time and with fine granularity at low cost, is significantly influencing the opinions of company executives. For the past few years, TV Globo has been working together with its digital partner, Globo.com, to become a datadriven analytics organisation.

This strategy is not confined to our technological activities, it advises our fundamental company objectives by answering questions throughout the business. The operating model we have chosen for TV Globo is the hub-and-spoke, where one area is our centre of excellence on data science, and where all other areas have their data citizens, trained on data analytics tools. Inside TV Globo, news, research and digital media divisions have been the initial areas to engage in these activities.

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