The Cy-Stem range by CyanView is pushing the bounds of camera control to deliver compelling, engaging viewer experiences, according to the company.

David Bourgeois, founder and CEO of CyanView, said: “Of the many requests we receive for camera control, one of the most frequent is to be able to place a camera in a car, on a motorbike, on board a helicopter or on a drone. That delivers huge creative potential for any programme maker to grab and retain the attention of even the most blasé viewer, delivering an experience that in some ways is better than being there – or can even complement seeing the action in person as it happens.”

Mirco Stalder from TPC with CyanView remote control on an SRF motorbike

Mirco Stalder from TPC with CyanView remote control on an SRF motorbike

CyanView’s response to those requests is the new Cy-Ri0, which now offers the option of control via 4G and is on display at IBC. Cy-Ri0 has the ability to control any camera over any communication channel including IP (either cabled or WiFi).

“The architecture we developed for the Cy-Ri0 provides a great deal of simplification for remote productions,” added Bourgeois. “Camera control protocols are all handled by the Cy-Ci0 unit itself: all data communications with the cameras and other accessories are handled locally, without latency or bandwidth constraints.”

Also being shown at IBC for the first time is the new Cy-GWY-IO. A much smaller version of CyanView’s Cy-GWY gateway, it enables an unlimited number of cameras to be connected. The Cy-GWY-IO is cost-effective for budget productions using the EVA1-Live or small standalone setups, such as a pair of goal cameras.

CyanView is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 10.D31.