Anton/Bauer has considerably expanded its collection of compact batteries with the new Titon SL, Titon Micro, Titon Base and Go 90 batteries.

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Anton/Bauer: The new Titon Micro with dual battery micro plate

The 14.4v/10A Titon SL is claimed to provide “the slimmest, lightest and most powerful” battery for running cameras, monitors, lights and other equipment. It is available in 95Wh or 143Wh capacities with V-Mount or Gold Mount options. A Titon SL 90 (which weighs 612g) can run a Sony FX9 for more than 2.5 hours or a Blackmagic Pocket 6K for three hours plus – more than six times the power of standard LP batteries.

The Titon SL 150 is claimed to be half the size and weight (800g or 900g depending on mount) of a standard 150Wh battery. Both models include a P-Tap combined output and charging port, plus a 5v USB port, with an LCD showing runtime and charging capacity.

The Titon Micro is Anton/Bauer’s smallest ever 14.4v battery, and comes in 47Wh (8A), 94Wh and 140Wh (both 10A) versions, either V-Mount or Gold Mount, with P-Tap and USB ports. Run times can be doubled with the Dual Micro Plate, which also allows hot swapping for continuous power. They have a five-step LED power gauge.

Titon Base is a 68Wh portable power hub designed to deliver hours more runtime than the consumer batteries supplied with cameras in a lightweight, travel-friendly form. The Base mounts under the camera to create a balanced base safely away from camera controls. It has a quick-release plate and integrated ¼-20 mounts, for easy set up or moving from tripod to handheld. It has three P-Tap ports plus USB, an LCD power indicator and weighs 520g.

The Go 90 is a lightweight (700g), low-cost 98Wh/8A battery, in V-Mount or Gold Mount versions, with a P-Tap and 1A 5v USB port, with five-step LED power gauge.