Following the launch of its CV Series earlier in the year, built upon ultra-high-resolution Mini LED, AOTO has announced that display solutions specialised for TV studio use are now available.


AOTO: Wide viewing angles, seamless splicing and a high refresh rate are just soke of the features of the new display

In the studio, the CV Series is said to deliver exceptional and high-definition performance, with a colour range of 110% NTSC and 24-bit colour processing depth, which transfers vibrant and defined visuals without the moiré effect so easily picked up by studio cameras. Even high-speed cameras represent no obstacle for the display system’s high refresh rate, which ensures a flicker-free, smooth frame transition, according to the manufacturer.

For today’s multi-camera environment, with omnidirectional filming, the CV Series offers viewing angles accessible across almost 180º and perfectly flat, so that content can be viewed from anywhere, both on- and off-axis.

Dynamic content delivery can be achieved anywhere from the smallest broadcast studio to the largest conference space due to the modularity of the CV Series. The UHD display delivers content on any scale due to the seamless splicing capabilities of the Mini LED panels. The CV Series panels join to create an intact and colour-rich display with no visible gaps to interrupt the audience’s viewing experience.