AOTO has launched of the RM series of displays to the global market, specifically targeting the virtual production (XR) studio and high-end rental applications.


AOTO: The RM series features over 1500-nits brightness and moiré reduction technology

Working with the world’s leading film and video production studios, AOTO was challenged to develop a direct-view LED design that improves on-camera performance. AOTO RM series utilises IMD packing and Mini-LED technology to provide a stable and reliable large-format display. Specifically, the IMD packing technology enables the RM series to be up to 4-times stronger than other traditional SMD products without sacrificing visual performance.

Moreover, the display’s visual performance is enhanced by its HDR technology capability and 8000:1 contrast ratio. The RM series features over 1500-nits brightness and moiré reduction technology. With up to 7680Hz refresh rate, 250Hz frame rate and 1/6 scan rate, this solution is designed for those looking to overcome visual and optical difficulties in the XR studio.

For installation and maintenance, the RM series is lighter than 8kg per unit and supports convex and concave installations with a viewing angle of more than 170º. The fast-lock design supports hanging, wall-mount and floor-mount installations. In addition, the RM series is said to be easily repairable and maintainable with front and rear maintenance design.