Arri has released Stellar 2, an upgraded version of its intelligent lighting control app, to make set-ups faster and more flexible. 

Arri Stellar 1

Stellar 2: Makes it simple to swap out fixtures if something goes wrong 

It can now control third-party products, while other improvements make it easier to swap out fixtures, group different CCT ranges and view more live data. 

The revised app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, can control luminaires from other manufacturers, such as Litegear, Astera and Kino Flo. A set of generic dimmers can also be set up to work with tungsten lights (on a DMX dimmer), and the correct DMX addresses can be assigned to the luminaires in just a couple of steps. 

If a fixture needs to be swapped out, perhaps due to malfunction, it can be easily exchanged without affecting the set-up. A re-scan will detect it, if the fixture has not been in the set-up before. 

Other features, such as grouping, are now said to be more convenient. It is now possible to group fixtures with different CCT ranges; the fixture with the smallest range takes precedence while all the other ranges are cropped. 

Users can also configure their own default intensity, by simply storing it as a favourite in the app settings. The intensity will then remain at the same level throughout all modes. 

If a fixture can provide the necessary Remote Device Management (RDM) functionality, then temperature and mode information will be displayed in the fixture set-ups. 

Other small improvements have also been made to create a better user experience and improve performance, such as: a trial phase expiry warning; smoother looks application when no colour mode change is necessary; improved connectivity handling; presets that apply on different fixtures; and minor usability, layout and stability improvements.