DejaSoft has expanded DejaEdit, its Avid remote file sharing software, to support Microsoft Azure secure storage.

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DejaSoft: Version 3.2 also features improved safeguarding of project files

Version 3.2 also includes the improved safeguarding of project files with robust prior encryption before they files are directed to an assigned media server chosen by the customer.

DejaEdit, which enables multiple remote Avid editing and storage systems to synchronise files and bins with each other securely across the internet, ensures that editors and can collaborate using shared assets, irrespective of where they are located. It features multiple options for media server configurations that range from a simple turnkey approach, to using existing cloud storage accounts, or retaining the media files on premise.

Nikolai Waldman, CTO at DejaSoft, said: “Security of editing data is of primary importance to us. DejaEdit 3.2 now encrypts media files transparently for each project with a unique 256-bit key before they are sent to the media server. They are then decrypted after being downloaded to the client. This ensures that data saved on the media server (or if intercepted in transit) is unintelligible to unauthorised people.”