SaaS provider of VoD scheduling, rights and metadata management solutions BeBanjo has announced a new integration with translation company Lingo24 to provide customers with a combined translation service integrated directly into BeBanjo’s Movida scheduling solution for VoD services.


BeBanjo: Lingo24 translation services will be integrated into BeBanjo’s Movida scheduling solution

In combination, say the companies, their offering supports seamless multi-language and multi-territory scheduling for large-scale VoD services. This development simplifies the localisation process of metadata for international video, moving away from the manual exchange of content to automated content exchange platform to platform.

The integration provides a scalable solution which allows significantly more content to be managed in a smaller lead time across 26 language combinations without requiring additional management resource. This maximises the translation benefits by creating a unified authoring approach, thereby optimising quality, consistency and savings for the customer. Consequently, it will be made easier to manage the editorial and operational aspects of VoD businesses across multiple geographies internationally.

François Chabat, CEO of BeBanjo, commented: “Integration with Lingo24 lets BeBanjo customers obtain high-quality translation of their metadata, at the click of a button. It is a great example of the efficiencies BeBanjo products return to teams managing large VoD catalogues.”

Andrew Campbell, CEO of Lingo24, added: “The collaboration with BeBanjo on this project has been hugely rewarding for us, and the outcome is a best-in-class experience that makes managing multiple languages for the user easy, fast and efficient.”