Blueshape is introducing a new range of European-designed DV PowerPacks for cameras, camcorders, lights and accessories that will complement its existing V lock and stud mount batteries


Blueshape: The Dual charger with the JVC-compatible 54Wh batteries

The new lithium-ion models include seven power packs and a dual charger.

Its new 72Wh NP-F970 (Sony compatible) 7.2v battery weighs 330g and features a four-step LED charge indicator, a USB (Type A) output and a Micro USB charge input (Micro-B). It costs £95 (+ VAT).

The new 96Wh BP-U90 (Sony compatible) 14.4v unit weighs 418g, with a four-step LED charge indicator, one D-Tap port and a USB-A output. It costs £172.

The Canon-compatible 96Wh BP-A60 14.4v battery also has the four-step LED charge indicator, D-Tap port and USB. It weighs 440g and costs £205.

The 72Wh BP-975 7.2v model, which is Canon and Red Komodo compatible, will ship in the middle of August. It has a four-step LED charge indicator, weighs 302g and will cost £107.

The small 14Wh LP-E6 7.2v 78g battery (compatible with Canon and Blackmagic), also ships next month and will cost £37.

The Blueshape VW-VBD78 72Wh battery pack for 7.2v Panasonic cameras weighs 324g and costs £99.

The JVC-compatible SSL-JVC-70 54Wh model, costs £103, weighs 326g, and has the charge indicator, USB-A port and Micro USB charge input as well as a DC Output (5.5x2.5mm barrel jack, centre-positive).

The new Blueshape Dual charger for DV PowerPacks will work with all of its new DV batteries (via adaptor plates - £10 each). It will ship next month, costing £80, and features an LCD with five-step real-time charge status, adaptable charge rate and USB output. It includes an AC adapter and car charger DC adapter.