Brainstorm has introduced a major upgrade to its InfinitySet virtual studio and AR system: InfinitySet 4 includes several unique features designed to enhance content creation and output. 


Brainstorm: InfinitySet adds broadcast workflows to Unreal Engine-native behaviour

It also offers tighter integration and control of Unreal Engine (Epic Games’ 3D graphics system), with advanced features such as simultaneous renders, multiple outputs and additional hardware support for Unreal Engine workflows.

New in InfinitySet 4 is Layers, which allows users to create simultaneous multiple independent renders using a single workstation. With Layers, InfinitySet 4 can now deliver several outputs from a single instance or combine several outputs in a single one as required.

InfinitySet also gains major updates to its rendering features, especially in the management of, and compatibility with, Unreal Engine. InfinitySet now features Unreal-native behaviour, so users can achieve anything Unreal Engine provides, in a workflow fully integrated into Unreal. The added value of this configuration is the multitude of benefits of including more than 25 years of Brainstorm’s experience in broadcast and film graphics, virtual set and augmented reality production, including data management, playout workflows, virtual camera detach, multiple simultaneous renders and more.

There is also now an Unreal Engine Control, a new module that directly controls Unreal Engine from InfinitySet’s own interface, adding a user-friendly, live production-oriented interface. It can directly control any blueprints, objects and properties in the UE project, which offers a new, unique workflow that does not require previously prepared blueprints in Unreal Engine to create actions or edit the project. Unreal Engine Control works in a bi-directional way, so it can also transfer any input to Unreal to be used as a texture, including movies, live video, images or even complete Aston projects with StormLogic.

On top of that, the InfinitySet Unreal Engine Control provides additional compatibility for video hardware devices not available in Unreal Engine, including support and driver updates for video IO boards and virtually any tracking device. Brainstorm systems are compatible with most broadcast hardware and workflows, so InfinitySet can control and be controlled by external hardware via GPI and other industry-standard protocols. Brainstorm products are, off the shelf, compatible with most vendor’s video cards, GPUs, mixers, or tracking devices and protocols.