Cartoni’s new Sport 200 (S200) tripod legs are designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of sports and OB production.

Elisabetta Cartoni, CEO, Cartoni, said: “It features an extremely innovative aluminium profile and angular structure, which gives camera operators a sturdiness you simply cannot get from standard tripod tubes. The rigidity allows camera operators to be extremely precise in their movements – from whip pans to tracking players or objects.”

It uses duralumin for extra torsional rigidity with camera packages up to 200kg. Its profile is angled and shaped to ensure maximum strength while weighing only 10.5kg. It also withstands even extreme weather conditions.

The S200 “was the easiest tripod I have ever set up. It’s lightweight, solid and easy to adjust for levelling,” said Emmy-award winning camera operator Deena Sheldon, among the first to use the S200.

Also new is the Master 25 fluid head, for OB, ENG and EFP applications, supporting cameras with long lens, viewfinders, prompters and pan bar controls, up to 30kg.

It is “the ultimate do-it-all head for ENG/EFP, studios and OB,” said Cartoni. It is “perfectly suited for the camera operator’s needs” and can “precisely track slow-moving objects and whip pan in an instant.”

Cartoni is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 12.E30.