Chimera Lighting has introduced new models in its Pop Bank range of soft boxes for the Aputure Nova P300c and ETC fos/4 lights.

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Chimera: The new Pop Banks for the ETC fos/4 and Aputure Nova P300c

The Pop Banks are lightweight frameless lightbanks that are designed to be easy to pop on to the lights, as they don’t need a speed ring or frame and fold down quickly afterwards for storage and portability. They use rugged, proprietary textiles and are compatible with soft egg crates and grids. They come with Full and Half diffusion and are packed in a messenger-style sack.

The Nova P300c is the new flagship 300W RGBWW LED soft panel light from Aputure, for which the Pop Bank costs $205, while the ETC fos/4 fixtures come in three sizes (so there are three Pop Bank models), and use a mix of green, lime, blue, indigo, cyan, amber, red and deep red LEDs – there is also a Daylight HDR tuneable white version. The Pop Banks for the fos/4 cost $440 for the small panel, $575 for the medium and $670 for the large.

Chimera’s Pop Banks are also available for most of the main LED fixtures, such as the Arri’s S30, S60, S120 and S360 SkyPanels; Cineo Standard 410; LitePanels Astra and Gemini 1x1 and 2x1 models; and Rotolight Anova.