The new ChyronHego Academy is designed to help users acquire and update essential skills working with the company’s graphics products. 


ChyronHego Academy: Provides free training during the coronavirus crisis 

It offers a self-paced online curriculum created by product experts leading to users becoming certified ChyronHego product designers or operators. Its initial courses will focus on the Prime Graphics platform, with other products covered later. 

Carol Bettencourt, manager of strategic marketing projects at ChyronHego, said the academy is giving users “the tools to increase their knowledge and expand their career opportunities from the comfort of their home. To support the broadcast community as a whole during the Covid-19 crisis, we’re making ChyronHego Academy courses and certification available at no cost.” 

Participants will be able to complete basic, intermediate and advanced course modules to earn certification; freelance designers and operators will be able to gain certification to demonstrate their expertise to potential employers, while broadcasters can also take advantage of the training to raise the overall proficiency of staff, as well as to evaluate new ChyronHego products. 

The company has also announced several new updates to its range, which “reduce both the cost and complexity of delivering the high-end visuals – graphics, enhanced video, AR elements, virtual sets º that today’s audiences expect and demand on every screen”, said Ariel Garcia, ChyronHego’s CEO. 

This includes Click Effects Prime (v3.5), for stadium graphics, which gains a new Scheduled Commands (G-Sync) capability that allows operators to trigger multiple GPU displays throughout a stadium network in unison and display a single, exciting graphic on each.  

Also new is Prime Graphics 3.6, which provides a single 4K-, HDR- and IP-ready graphics design, authoring and playout platform for improved live storytelling; and Prime AR, an augmented reality application for immersive, data-driven 3D graphics. 

The company has also announced a new Chyron Keyboard for its Lyric and Prime systems, based on its classic Chyron Blue keyboard and decades of manual playback insights, which is said to be ideal for live use. 

Updates have also been announced for the Camio news platform, offering integration with Prime’s Style Sheets, where users now can select a particular Base Scene (a set of colours, fonts, logos, etc) as a Style Sheet parameter that can be changed manually or automatically for different rundowns. For teams using a create once, publish to many model, this ensures that stories have the right look, feel and graphical elements. The new Camio 4.9 media engine also allows users to rapidly browse, fulfil and import Prime Graphics templates directly via MOS plug-in into any compliant nonlinear editor.  

Also in the newsroom, its Metacast weather system now includes a new 3D font, built-in HVEC clip encoding and decoding that supports display across video walls with different video resolutions, and H.264 clip export to Twitter and other social media platforms. A simple new automation Rest API gives broadcasters the option of using an external automation system to drive Metacast.