The new Galaxy xCloud from Dalet is a dedicated, cloud-hosted Galaxy five system managed as a full SaaS service. 

Dalet-1     OneCut-Laptop-2020

SaaSy: Dalet promises a collaborative experience from anywhere in the world

It connects to existing on-premises systems and supports workflows for remote editing teams, responding to the immediate needs of today’s news content creators, according to the company. Galaxy xCloud automates processes for home-based news production and similar production workflows, offering what Dalet claims is “top-tier security and a truly collaborative experience”. 

Also new is StoreFront, a new SaaS service that is a portal for Dalet Galaxy five customers to securely expose their content inventory to B2B clients, partners and affiliates. With a familiar shopping experience eliminating the hassle of manual requests and deliveries, Dalet claims the system is ideal for content owners who now need to deliver their assets quickly to partners while staff are working remotely across multiple locations.