Deity Microphones has revealed details of the latest addition to the Deity Connect family, the BP-TRX, which the company says “fills in the gaps that were missing with the current line-up”.


Deity: BP-TRX can serve as a traditional wireless microphone transmitter or a single-channel wireless receiver

The BP-TRX is technically a transceiver which means it can act as a traditional wireless microphone transmitter, but it can also boot itself into a mode that enables it to act as a single-channel wireless receiver.

With this product Deity Microphones has also added a stereo audio recorder and a TXCO timecode clock, allowing the BP-TRX to operate as a standalone audio recorder or TX Box if required. These features can also be combined with the transmitter or receiver boot modes to make the BP-TRX a ‘utility knife’ for capturing audio on a video set. When operating as a standalone pocket audio recorder the battery life is 21 hours.

BP-TRX units sold outside the US will transmit and record TC audio at the same time, while units sold inside the US will be allowed to do either/or – just not both at the same time.

“The BP-TRX is a personal dream come true,” remarked Andrew Jones, brand developer for Deity Microphones. “It’s a wireless audio device that doesn’t turn into e-waste as soon as the user is ready to move on to professional thousand-dollar wireless systems. Instead they can repurpose it and keep it in their kit, and run it alongside their thousand-dollar wireless system in a new capacity.”

According to Deity, the timecode accuracy of the BP-TRX is ±0.2ppm. This puts it in line with industry standard SMPTE timecode boxes and recorders. The BP-TRX drifts one frame after running for 24 hours, while the battery life for when booted into TC Box Mode is +25 hrs.