Densitron has announced three new additions to its established UReady 2RU control surface range. 

Densitron-1   UReady 2RU Arm based

Up in ARM: New models include one operating on an ARM platform

The UReady 2RU display range are large, high-resolution control surfaces that provide a comfortable, wide-angle viewing experience that can be easily configured for multiple applications and user preferences, according to the company. 

The new models include a standalone UReady 2RU 16.3in control surface with Ethernet connectivity operating on an ARM platform. Human Machine Interface (HMI) options can then be added through the use of Densitron’s proprietary tactile-touch transparent buttons. Options range from a single row of 16 buttons up to a fully populated surface with 54 buttons for even more control and flexibility.  

The embedded ARM platform – which dominates smartphones and other applications to conserve power, size, and weight – runs on Densitron’s Aurora SBX single-board computer. The board is based on NXP i.MX6 and driven by a quad core ARM Cortex-A9 2GHz processor. Paired with onboard DDR3 RAM, the combination ensures the high performance necessary to support multimedia workflow requirements and feature-rich user interfaces, says the company.  

Densitron added that users can expect more connectivity with the Soundwhale iOS app in 2020. This will be ideal for those looking to do remote recording in sync with picture that don’t have access to a Mac computer at home.