French audio equipment manufacturer Digigram has announced the appointment of a new management team, with three senior executives stepping up as directors.


Xavier Allanic becomes director of operations

Xavier Allanic, Digigram’s VP sales EMEA & Americas since 2018, becomes director of operations. A fresh addition to Digigram’s team of executives, Allanic will now oversee the company’s general operations and supervise R&D projects, as well as customer support and manufacturing.

Nancy Diaz Curiel is appointed as director of sales, marketing and communications. Since 2010, Singapore-based Diaz Curiel has overseen Asian & Pacific operations including product distribution. While remaining in Singapore, her new role will include the supervision of teams and projects worldwide.

Florence Marchal is appointed director of finance, human resources and legal affairs. A senior Digigram staff member, Marchal joined Digigram in 2000.

Jérémie Weber, company CEO since 2017, remains chairman of Digigram Group. This position now allows him to better focus on the group’s global strategy, oversee investment prospects, growth projects and secure relations with shareholders.

He said: “I am very pleased that Digigram’s operating capacity is fully deployed with this new organisation, as we engage towards unfolding our vision and perspective for the coming years.”

About the executive triumvirate, Weber added: “I have worked in the past with each of them and I am convinced that Florence, Nancy and Xavier’s bond as a team will flawlessly turn the company’s projects into success stories.”