The recently released disguise version r17.1 software significantly enhances the AR workflow for its creative community, according to the company.

disguise-1    PSL_opening ceremony_2

Disguise: Software powered the live broadcast of the Opening Ceremony of the Pakistan Super League

The disguise system provides full 3D simulation and camera planning tools that allow workflow specialists to pre-visualise and imagine every pixel of an AR experience ahead of time, communicate and collaborate with other teams, and respond to feedback at every stage of a production.  

The new disguise release also introduces a range of improvements to the software user experience. With sequenced transitions, users can now effortlessly transition to anywhere on a timeline using black and white content to define the transition. The feature opens new visual possibilities and saves time previously spent sequencing by simplifying the approach, says disguise.  

A new ability to generate test patterns within the software speeds up workflows by removing the need to leave the software to create test patterns in other tools. Test patterns in a pre-visualisation give users confidence in their screen arrangement by letting them see precisely where the divides are between each screen.  

The software has been used to power many major events, including the live broadcast of the Opening Ceremony of the Pakistan Super League, the longest ever accomplished duration of an AR-centred broadcast. AR was critical to the success of the broadcast and enhanced the experience for 50 million viewers.