Nanlux, a new lighting brand from Nanguang (parent of NanLite and Ledgo), has made its debut with a pair of full-colour RGBWW LED soft panel lights, the Dyno 650C and Dyno 1200C.


Nanlux: The new Dyno 650C and Dyno 1200C RGBWW LED soft panel lights

The Dyno Series are flicker free, fully tuneable between 2700K and 20,000K and dimmable from 0-100% in precise intervals of just 0.1% (1-100%), with more than 16 million colours available, and come in a robust metal housing. The smaller 650C weighs 15.8kg, while the 1200C weighs 26.2kg. The 650C outputs 2649 Lux and the 1200C 5596 Lux at 3m (at 5600K with the standard diffuser). Both have a wider-than-usual beam angle of 160º.

“This exciting, new family of LED softlights offers users a hugely effective, low-energy alternative to traditional light sources. They are feature rich, extremely capable and incredibly versatile,” said Robert Kulesh, executive VP, Nanlux Americas.

Both the $3999 650W and $7590 1200W units include a collection of pre-set, fully customisable effects plus an extensive gel library, allowing users to instantly switch between a huge variety of looks or to match almost any lighting filter configuration. They have an average Television Lighting Consistency Index of 95 across different colour temperatures.

The low-profile design makes the Dyno Series quick to set up and simple to operate. They boast an intuitive interface and clear 4.3in display for control over colour temperature, saturation, intensity and frequency, with a choice of colour modes (HSI, RGBW, Gel and XY). The fixtures are also compatible with various wireless protocols (2.4GHz, Bluetooth and LumenRadio TimoTwo) plus DMX (including RDM) for further flexibility when used as individual units or as part of a linked installation.

“Our technical teams have done a magnificent job in creating some of the most sophisticated LED soft sources available. The low power consumption and high output of these well-crafted fixtures make them an ideal choice for all manner of applications. The Dyno’s perfect blend of performance and control provides our customers with a truly creative lighting tool,” claimed Kulesh.