London-based post house The Finish Line has turned to EditShare’s Flow media management to create remote workflows for its clients in response to Covid-19.


Going with the Flow: The joys of working from home

It is using Flow to create a secure cloud-based media control layer that enables advanced, remote editorial workflows, including ingest of rushes, storyboarding and review and approval.

“Our core business has been based around installing and staffing internal finishing services for production companies. I am always looking at solutions to help us manage our team of creative talent while also ensuring that our clients have a consistent experience that is as good or better than that of a traditional facility,” said Zeb Chadfield, founder and finishing artist, The Finish Line.

“Until recently, remote workflows were not commonplace and we spent a lot of time helping production companies migrate over to these services with the intention of helping their budgets to be better utilised.”

However, Covid-19 has changed the work dynamic for production facilities and made deploying remote working imperative. “We have been working as a distributed business for a long time and we are in a position to help companies quickly pivot their operations,” he added. “Luckily there are very mature tools on the market which are simple to deploy in the cloud, such as Flow and QScan from EditShare. We can build all of the technology our clients are used to having access to in traditional facilities, but within a virtual environment. We can then automate their ingest processes and provide them with easy and secure access to view their media. They can collaborate with their editors even while they are continuing to shoot or need to stay home because of a global pandemic.”

Flow connects storage, adding a control layer that manages millions of assets and supports a myriad of codecs and resolutions ranging from standard definition up to 8K. Embedded production tools let users search, browse, retrieve, assemble and distribute content, while automation helps to orchestrate complex migrations and or redundant tasks. Its API enables extensible workflows and integration with leading creative tools.

AirFlow provides secure remote access with the features The Finish Line requires to facilitate finishing workflows across distributed teams and clients, even when the teams are all working from home. “The benefits of working from home are immense, and we will come out of this knowing that we can work effectively from home, even when not forced into it. Everyone should be trying to find ways to enable their teams to work remotely as much as possible,” said Chadfield.

Clients of The Finish Line include Argonon Films, Endemol Shine Group and FremantleMedia.

Zeb Chadfield is conducting a webinar on ‘Remote Production: Balancing work and self’ for EditShare on 8 April 2020 -, with Session 1 at 09:00 ET/14:00 BST and Session 2 at 17:00 ET/22:00 BST.