Streamliner Productions has become the first disguise xR Creative & Rental Partner in New Zealand. The collaboration will enable new levels of creativity for virtual productions in a country described as a thriving mecca for the global film industry.


Disguise: Disguise workflows are currently being used on the Avatar sequels

Source: Jon Landau

Disguise’s growing partner network consists of more than 200 organisations specialising in the disguise workflow and hardware, helping end-customers source equipment and offering technical and creative talent to help bring live and virtual experiences to life.

Streamliner has recently invested in the vx 4 from disguise, as well as the newly released rx hosting platform for third-party render engines ­– a vital component of the xR solution, engineered for the future of virtual production. The technical production house achieved partner status and accreditation after undergoing specialist training in the disguise workflows and xR technology. It is also the only official partner in New Zealand to deliver a full end-to-end xR production.

Streamliner provides clients with a wide variety of entertainment technology, and its team of technical specialists deliver live events and film productions across the country.

“Our crew combines decades of live event experience with an in-depth knowledge of high-end video systems, and we’re adept at working on high profile, time-critical projects,” said Richard Manu, Streamliner owner and general manager. “We continually invest in the latest hardware, software and systems that give our clients access to the most advanced technology. Introducing several disguise products into our workflow has brought together those systems and now coupled with the xR pipeline, nothing is out of reach.”

Since investing in the disguise ecosystem, recent work has seen other official partnerships formed between key players in the NZ film and broadcast industry. One such collaboration brings together Streamliner’s live stage expertise and xR knowledge, the filming facilities from the iconic Avalon Studios and real-time content creation and VFX from Weta Digital. A notable project already in development from Streamliner and Weta Digital is James Cameron’s Avatar sequels, where some of the latest disguise workflows are currently being used.

“The setup features large, easily configurable LED panels that can display video well beyond 8K as a way to augment practical sets and often replace green screenshots for backgrounds and exteriors,” said David Conley, Weta Digital’s executive producer.

It’s hoped that this cutting-edge technology, combined with the health and safety benefits of working in New Zealand, which has successfully controlled the covid-19 pandemic, will attract productions of all sizes to the country and Streamliner.

“Establishing this partnership with Streamliner is a turning point for disguise in the Southern Hemisphere, and particularly within New Zealand and their established world-class film industry. Working with the team at Streamliner, we can confidently support projects and productions in the region looking to use disguise xR technology to push the creative boundaries,” says Tom Rockhill, CSO at disguise.