Designed to help clients overcome restricted travel and working conditions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, Gravity Media has released a new remote editing solution, including full setup support and a 24/7 technical helpline.

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Gravity Media: Virtual File Server and Gravity Media Remote Video are both accessible via remote desktop

To get the home Avid editing system up and running, Gravity Media will connect users to its two new remote-working solutions: Gravity Media Virtual File Server (GMVFS) and Gravity Media Remote Video (GMRV) – both of which are accessible via remote desktop. Harnessing PCoIP technology from Teradici makes the remote experience just as good as being in the suite, according to GM.

GMVFS enables teams to collaborate on a platform that allows users to upload, share and stream media files. It supports both full-res and proxy formats as well as version tracking, notes and is completely secure. GMRV then allows users to FTP files to a centralised storage facility that can handle the transfer of TBs of content per day. GMRV in turn offers continuous local access and the ability to transfer files to Avid Nexis shared storage, meaning no interruptions to project workflow. GMRV is described as easy to use and works in real time, giving everyone working on a project instant access to files the moment they’ve been uploaded.

Gravity Media is also offering a Hybrid Editing solution, where onsite and remote editing come together to offer simple, secure and flexible access to a shared edit suite. With the option to work at Gravity House in London, from a remote location, or a mixture of the two, Gravity Media’s Hybrid Editing solution allows users to work in the way that suits them best.