With the introduction of its Hybrid Cases, Peli says that users no longer have to choose between the TrekPak dividers and Pick N Pluck foam.


Peli Hybrid: The Peli cases’ divider system allows gear to be laid out as users wish

Available as a new standard offering in either the Peli 1510 or Peli Air 1535 carry-on case, the interior features both the TrekPak system and the Pick N Pluck manually customisable foam. “This new, extremely versatile configuration offers users the best of both worlds and a host of new organisational options,” said Pavel Levshin, product marketing manager EMEA at Peli.

The TrekPak divider system allows case owners to lay out their gear the way they wish to include it in the case, measure and cut the divider sections, and lock them in place with the provided U-pins. Each divider section is manufactured from a waterproof, closed-cell foam that is laminated to a rigid corrugated plastic panel. Additional divider panels are available separately to switch up the layout any time.

The Pick N Pluck foam is pre-scored and cubed for easy manual customisation and offered standard in almost all Peli case models. Replacement foam is available separately when the interior layout changes.

The Peli Air 1535 carry-on case is engineered with a next-generation polymer construction that is up to 40% lighter than standard Peli Protector Case brand cases, yet according to the company, still stands up to the harshest conditions. It also features a removable rugged ID card holder. Meanwhile, the Peli 1510 carry -on case’s tough polymer construction is designed to protect mission-critical equipment in worst-case scenarios.

Available in black only, both cases contain a robust pull-handle coupled with smooth stainless steel ball bearing wheels for easy transport. Also included are a polymer O-ring for a dust- and water-resistant seal, and an integrated automatic pressure equalisation valve that keeps moisture out and prevents vacuum lock, ensuring the case is easier to open at any altitude.