The new IDX Endura Cue-H series of lithium-ion V-mount batteries offers more capacity and improved features than the company’s Cue‐D series, while still being affordable. 

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IDX: The new Cue‐H90, Cue‐H135 and Cue‐H180 pack more power into the same space

They are available in three capacities: the 91Wh Cue‐H90, 134Wh Cue‐H135 and 179Wh Cue‐H180, taking over from the Cue‐D75, Cue‐D95 and Cue‐D150 respectively.

The new 1050g Cue‐H180, for example, retains the same dimensions as the 146Wh Cue‐D150 and is only marginally heavier, while its single D-Tap output is now capable of taking an 80W load for powering ancillary accessories, compared to 50W on the Cue‐D, with a maximum discharge current of 12A compared to 10A previously. Similarly, the 870g Cue‐H135 has a max discharge current of 10.5A compared to the 6.3A of the Cue‐D95 it replaces, while the 610g Cue‐H90 has a max discharge current of 7A vs 4.9A for the Cue‐D75.

All three Cue-H batteries also feature: a four-LED power indicator; over-charge, over-discharge and over-current protection; and deliver an end voltage of 11.2v, nominal voltage of 14.8v and max output voltage of 16.8v. The Cue‐H90 and Cue‐H135 batteries are IATA‐compliant, so can be hand carried on flights.