iFootage has introduced a new quick-release system that allows users to easily and quickly move their camera rig from tripod to slider to jib and back to tripod in just seconds. 


iFootage: Seastars Q1 quick-release camera support system

Seastars Q1 comes in two parts: a top plate and a base plate and uses a spring mechanism to activate the locking system. Simply drop-in to lock and twist to unlock. 

It is manufactured in a hardened stainless steel magnesium alloy for durability, strength and reliability. The inner structure uses spring-loaded bearings that securely lock the two halves together. It can take a payload of up to 9kg, with 1/4in and 3/8in mounting options and is compatible with the majority of camera support equipment and accessories such as camera heads, sliders, jibs, tripods, monopods, gimbals, lights and mics. The Seastars Q1 costs €89, but will be available at an introductory price of €79 for a limited time. 

iFootage has also announced the new SpiderCrab quick-release magic arm, which has quick-release mechanisms fitted to both ends, making it easier to change or add accessories – most other magic arms have threads or clamps on each end (or at least one end), making them slower to use. 

The magic arm is available in two sizes: 18cm and 28cm, and the quick-release modules that can be fitted to accessories, such as monitors or lights, include: a dual 1/4-20in and retractable 1/8-16in thread with Arri locking pins; a standard 1/4-20in thread; and a cold shoe adapter.