The 4KSDI-Mini with MFT-mount and a Volucam model with 4K/120fps sensor are both new from IO Industries.

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IO Industries: The new addition to the Volucam family enables 4K/UHD video recording at up to 120fps

Now available for the 4KSDI-Mini cameras are new models with a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount. This lens mount is said to enable a variety of new lenses to be used with either the 4KSDI-Mini (with 1in global shutter sensor) or 4KSDI-Mini RS (with 2/3in rolling shutter sensor). This is a passive MFT mount, no power or control signals are provided to the lenses, but it still allows many MFT lenses and adapters to be used (MFT-to-PL, EF, F, B4… even C-mount).

Several very-wide fisheye lenses are available only in MFT mount, with no comparable C-mount lenses to choose from, so this new MFT mount option allows the 4KSDI-Mini cameras to easily use these lenses for VR 180°/360° applications and other wide-FOV applications.

A new Volucam model is also now available featuring the 9MP Gpixel GMAX2509 global shutter image sensor. This brings a new capability to the Volucam series for recording 4K/UHD video at up to 120fps.

It offers a resolution of 4224x2160 pixels and maximum frame rates are 120fps (8-bit), 100fps (10-bit) or 85fps (12-bit).

This sensor is part of the same family as the higher-resolution GMAX0505. It shares the same 2.5μm global shutter pixel design, which leads to an optical format of 2/3in (11.9mm diagonal), matching well with a variety of C-mount lenses.