Over the last decade, K5600 held off the introduction of its own LEDs because output and quality did not meet its standards. Now they do.

Its new line up promises ruggedness, versatility, upgradeability, high output and light-shaping, and offer: true colour from 2700-6500K; easy connection of units and accessories; plus wired and wireless DMX, using Lumen Radio.

The new Joker 300 is available in par beamer, lens, softbox and ellipsoid spot configurations, and the removable Beamer reflector is compatible with the lenses, barndoors and Softube of its Joker 400 (they have comparable light output).

The Alpha 300 is based on the Alpha 800 HMI, offering crisp Fresnel highlight/shadow quality and smoothly adjustable beam angle from 5° to 55°.

The Joker and Alpha are built around K5600’s exclusive 14mm diameter bicolour Light Emitting Surface for perfect light-to-lens ratios.

Its new Slice panels use a very lightweight, thin design (under 3.5cm). They are Slice 300 (300W 1.2x0.3m); Slice 150 L (150W 1.2x0.15m); Slice 150 (150W 0.6x0.3m); and Slice 75 (75W 06x0.15m).

There are also new LED ballasts, as the fixtures are devoid of controls, to make them more compact and rugged. Everything’s in the 300W Single Ballast, 1200W Multi-Output Ballast, and Splitter.

K5600 is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 12.E28.