Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), a public broadcasting company in Korea, has ordered an AB-4815 portable 8K camera system and its peripheral devices capable of shooting at 8K 120Hz and 60Hz, from AstroDesign. 


AstroDesign: The AB-4815 will be used in combination with KBS’ AI face recognition program vVertigo

KBS will use the camera system in combination with its in-house built AI face recognition program vVertigo and create sub-clip videos of K-pop artists.

In South Korea, K-pop artists such as Girls’ Generation, BigBang, BlackPink, BTS and others have a strong influence, and their fans are expanding not only in Korea but all over the world. Fans have long wanted to see higher quality live performances and stage footage, as well as watch cut-out videos of individual group members. By shooting at a wide angle with an 8K camera, it is possible to create high-quality cropped cut-out videos.

The AB-4815 features a compact size with external dimensions of 128mm x 209mm x 150mm and a weight of 3.5kg, providing high portability. Traditional methods using HD cameras that required multiple units can be downscaled to one 8K camera.

By combining AstroDesign’s 8K AB-4815 and KBS’s own AI facial recognition cut-out software vVertigo, it is possible to provide broadcasters and content providers with content for new experiences and deliver high-quality content for the use of video content sales or for promotion on social media platforms.