LiteGear has introduced Spectrum OS2, a software upgrade for its LiteDimmer Spectrum Ballasts that builds upon the functionality of LiteMat (its thin, lightweight, rig-anywhere system) and provides full spectrum output that is a step beyond traditional bi-colour hybrid systems by bringing improved stability, added enhancements and new features.


Litegear: Spectrum OS2 is a major update for its LiteDimmer Spectrum Ballasts

It also makes it easier to adjust the Correlated Colour Temperature, accent colour and saturation parameters. “Spectrum OS2 is a giant leap forward for the LiteMat Spectrum products,” said LiteGear CEO, Mike Wagner. “This is the first major software update that LiteGear is releasing for one of our products and it is truly amazing.”

The redesigned interface is claimed to be feature-filled and intuitive. “The new user interface and innovative features make LiteMat Spectrum easier to use, adds greatly expanded DMX control for console programmers and provides useful local control options,” he added.

Spectrum OS2 has a gradient mode that automatically creates smooth graduations once the user sets the first and last large-format pixel. It can be done using one or multiple parameters, such as intensity, CCT, tint, saturation or accent colour.

OS2 also includes 23 new DMX personalities offering greater control for console programmers. The RGB DMX personalities allow users to mix their own colour via the console by either simple RGB parameters or with the option to set the white point. These modes make Spectrum “a powerful pixel mapping fixture” with all the physical advantages of a LiteMat.

Cue Playback places up to four looks at user’s fingertips. It can record the entire output including intensity, CCT, tint, saturation and accent colour, so that users can easily hold, bump or flash the output when an actor hits a mark or swap to a brighter look when the talent opens a door.

Parameter Presets offers six pre-set values each for CCT, accent colour and saturation, eliminating scrolling through values.

CurrentSense is an intelligent power manager that allows larger light fixtures to operate on ballasts with smaller power sources. It is useful for limiting the power from on-board batteries that may not be able to handle the full power output of the fixture.

A DMX Transmit Mode allows the ballast to operate in local-mode while simultaneously outputting DMX signal to other Spectrum devices, so that one ballast can control many. Up to 12 large-format Spectrum pixels, spread over multiple fixtures, can be controlled by one ballast using five-pin DMX cable or the built-in LumenRadio wireless.

Implementation of Remote Device Management (RDM) allows nearly all settings of Spectrum OS2 to be accessed over DMX networks by compatible devices.

Other enhancements include a quick Audition feature, improved colour science and tint feature, streamlined menu navigation, ballast status visibility, enhanced low-light colour consistency and a DMX streaming monitor.

Spectrum OS2 is available now as a free download.

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