Lectrosonics has introduced its Miniature Time Code Recorder (MTCR), for use when the distance is extreme or using a wireless microphone just isn’t practical.

Lectrosonics-1     MTCR_front

Lectrosonics: The MTCR is easy to place in garments or conceal when used as a ‘plant’ microphone to capture location sound 

The MTCR recorder can travel with a subject and capture professional quality audio, synchronised with timecode.  

The MTCR records in 24-bit, 48kHz digital onto a microSD card in the industry-standard .wav format. The unit can be jammed to external time code via the standard 5-pin Lemo connector. A headphone output jack allows monitoring of the signal input or listening to previously recorded files but cannot be used to send live audio to another device while recording, says the company. 

The input connector is the industry standard TA5M jack that accepts any mic or line level signal and provides bias voltage to power a wide variety of electret lavalier mics. The input connection and wiring are compatible with microphones pre-wired for use with Lectrosonics professional wireless microphone transmitters with servo bias type inputs. 

Setup and adjustment are made through an interface provided by the keypad and LCD. The MTCR runs for over 6 hours on a single lithium AAA battery and the time code is SMPTE 12M - 1999 compliant.  

The MTCR is 60x54x17mm and weighs 71g with battery. It comes with an M152/5P low noise omni lavalier microphone, microSD memory card, belt clip, and AAA lithium battery.