Video interface and IP workflow solutions developer Magewell has expanded its support for the Mac platform with a new SDK for the popular PCI Express (PCIe) capture cards and plug-and-play external capture devices.


Magewell: Third-party developers can access the advanced capabilities of Magewell capture devices with the new SDK

Available immediately, the SDK allows third-party developers to directly access the advanced capabilities of Magewell capture devices in their macOS and OS X software applications.

Magewell’s USB Capture Gen 2, USB Capture Plus and Pro Capture products were already automatically compatible with OS X and macOS software through native operating system support or universal drivers. Now, with the new SDK, Magewell notes that third-party software vendors can easily integrate the hardware’s rich capture functionality into their own solutions.

The SDK provides APIs based on the macOS AVFoundation framework for all three product families, while custom Magewell APIs for Pro Capture PCIe cards enable deeper control over capture parameters, access to ancillary metadata and lower latency for capturing video up to 4K at 60fps. Example GUI-based and command line tools can enable developers to get up to speed quickly.

James Liu, VP of engineering at Magewell, commented: “Windows and Linux programmers have already enjoyed that our SDKs make it faster and easier to incorporate sophisticated capture functionality into their custom software, and we’re excited to bring the same advantages to macOS and OS X developers.”

The new SDK for macOS and OS X is available now as a free download on the Magewell website.