The new Vocas Five-Axis Diopter Holder has been designed to take advantage of an increasing variety of diopters from manufacturers like Tiffen, and the many creative choices available.

Diopters allow users to experiment with close focus, while split diopters allow both near and far distances to be simultaneously sharp.

The Vocas Five-Axis Diopter Holder

The Vocas Five-Axis Diopter Holder

With the new Vocas diopter holder, experimenting becomes easier. Using different diopters, such as strip, letterbox or split field, you can create interesting effects and keep different distances in (or out of) focus in one shot.

The diopter holder accepts any 138mm diopter and, with its flexible cuff, will fit any lens while preventing stray light. Being a dedicated diopter holder, as opposed to a matte box or a single filter tray, it has the unique ability to vary the diopter position over five different axes. 

Users can adjust the pitch, roll, yaw, vertical and horizontal shift independently, while still being aligned with the optical axis, which means the diopter’s position to the lens will not change while tilted, rolled or rotated. It is available for 15mm rails or for both 15 and 19mm rails, and flexible flags can be attached for light control.