As productions get back to work after pandemic lockdown, most will still have to enact some social distancing rules, which has why Matthews Studio Equipment has put together a smart way of quickly building distancing dividers on set.


Matthews: The Sheet Plate Adapter Kit simplifies safer on-set shooting

The new Matthews’ Sheet Plate Adapter Kit makes it easy to quickly build custom dividers to protect against virus transmission. It also offers a convenient holding method for standard grip equipment.

The Sheet Plate Adapter Kit is a versatile bracket mount that securely adds a welded 3/8in pin (that fits into standard grip equipment) to any sheet material such as Plexiglas, plywood, Masonite or a variety of fabrics like vinyl to create safe on-set barriers that can be easily sanitised.

Two 3in (7.5cm) steel plates sandwich the material via four bolts, providing an extremely solid connection. The system can also be used to help with camera protection, custom light modification and set building. Each $39 kit includes one plate with 3/8in pin, one backing plate, four bolts and four nylon locking nuts.