Matthews has introduced a full range of 40x40in (100x100cm) Flags and Floppies. 


Matthews’: 40x40in Flags and Floppies are just the right size for transport

This practical size answers the need for gear that’s portable enough to fit in a hatchback car without needing to be taken apart and compact enough to work in nooks and crannies of a tight location like a bathroom corner. When it comes to cargo, the 40x40 dimension easily fits standard shipping limits.

As Matthews’ resident grip, Martin Torner, explained: “With the popularity of our 40x40in Flag, we have added more flavours to this wonderfully dynamic dimension, including Full Silk, Floppy and the new Matthbounce Floppy. Like the 48x48in [122x122cm], the 40x40 is still a good size flag when it comes to usability, but less bulky.”

Products in the line are also available individually and include: 40x40in Flags; top or bottom hinge Floppies (expandable flags – to 40x80in/100x200cm); the top hinge Matthbounce Floppy (black back with an inside of reflective white – also expands to 100x200cm); Artificial Silk (for diffusion and some ambient bounce); and the 40x40in Flag Bag. For those who prefer a kit, the 40x40in Kit includes a Flag/Cutter, Top Hinge Floppy, Artificial Silk and the Zippered Flag Bag.

Like Matthews’ larger versions, the new frames are built with rugged 3/8in stainless steel tubing that’s securely welded for a long life.