3D modelling, animation and rendering software developer Maxon is now offering usage-based rendering for its Cinema 4D and Redshift programs via the cloud rendering company, Conductor Technologies.


Maxon: Cinema 4D taking advantage of the cloud-based Conductor render farm

Conductor has recently expanded its platform to include GPU support, and can now provide on-demand metered access to an unlimited number of Cinema 4D and Redshift rendering nodes with per-minute usage and licensing options, with the ability to scale up and down based on project needs.

Rendering in the cloud should allow artists and studios to quickly expand their rendering capabilities to preview scenes faster, meet deadlines, free up local hardware for other tasks (design, video encoding, or post-production, for example) and explore more complex and challenging projects. Conductor’s multi-cloud platform leverages both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, so that studios can scale their compute power cost-effectively with proven tools and expertise.

“The ability for artists to improve design visualisation and generate content in shorter timeframes is critical in today’s content production environment,” said Maxon’s CEO, David McGavran. “The easy integration Conductor offers into existing workflows will allow our Cinema 4D and Redshift customers the flexibility to take full advantage of cloud computing power to accelerate turnaround times and deliver greater photorealistic and high-resolution imagery.”

“Maxon’s combined focus on ease-of-use and high performance perfectly aligns with what we strive to enable with our cloud platform; near-infinite computing power at the push of a button,” added Conductor CEO, Mac Moore.

The Conductor plug-ins supporting the Cinema 4D and Redshift offerings are currently released in beta (and can be found at beta.conductortech.com/maxon), and are available for Windows, Mac and Linux.